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Bits & Bites

By Don Campbell

  1. 2009 GLAA AGM Dinner Invitation... Please join us this Saturday Jan. 17th for the annual GLAA Alberg General Meeting and Dinner. It's a great chance to meet fellow Alberg sailors, discuss upcoming events and share ideas. As my Commodore's letter suggested, start your day off first with the Toronto Boat Show (focusing on rigging options), followed by a venture down the road for dinner with us. Sound like a plan?

    Check out the Boat show @...

    Check out the Restaurant @...

  2. 2008 Photo Contest... Well, the contest is over and only two entries were submitted. Both by Brian Matthews. The one below (edited by me), and one of Gator Dave making a run for it from the winds of the North Channel in his AL22, (lost by me).

  3. GLAA Membership 2009 Reminder... For those who have not done so, or for those thinking about being a new member, 2009 registration is required today. Please submit your membership forms into Claire Matthews (Membership Director), as soon as you can. Forms can be obtained at

  4. Articles from Members... Now that we are a monthly Newsletter (on trial), story support from our membership is really important and needed. Please submit your ideas (draft form or finished), to Peter Scholz.

  5. Web Surfing...The Alberg 30 website that was posted on our Summer issue has been updated and now discusses painting the lockers and roughing in the wiring. Check it out.

    Our very own GLAA website has repair support at, And forums where one can ask for help/support/ideas/encouragement from other GLAA members at Give it a test run, say hi !!!

    There is also a video update from the Sailing Channel on refitting a classic Alberg 30. It's the perfect Winter visual to pour a warm drink and watch.

    And for those thinking of ideas to improve their babies, there is the Atom Voyages website illustrating some ideas at

  6. Upcoming Sailing Season Plans... Pretty soon it will be time to tell management when you will be taking some much needed holidays. For your sailing plans, please remember to check out our 2009 events at (