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The Commodore

A Rousing AGM

We held the Annual General Meeting at a new venue this year, The Keating Channel Pub. And, because of the usual inclement weather, we had the place to ourselves, (if you do not count the - 4 or 6 non Alberg participants who came by throughout the evening).

We had a turn-out of over 30 member types which was very good considering that we did not have any idea of how many might be there. That meant that we had about 1/3 of our fleet represented in person or by Proxy. It seemed that everyone was happy with the opportunity to choose any dinner from the menu. We managed to have parts of the business meeting interspersed with the waiting times over dinner so we did minimize a late night.

The season was reviewed in the last Commodore's Comment with the exception of the finances. We ended up on the right side of the ledger but by a margin of less than $100.

The other thing we have done this past fall was switch our web provider to Randy's Litchfield's company, Inbox Marketer. The executive has agreed that we will continue to pay our new provider a payment equal to what we were paying in the past. This way, the partners within the new provider do not see things as a "thin edge of a wedge" for Inbox to provide free services for any of their employee or management team's pet projects without some consideration. Inbox Marketer will also provide the set-up, maintenance and additions to our website as we go along.

We are very fortunate to have this service provided for both our website and newsletter. Thus, we foresee the expenses for newsletter and web services to be similar for the 2009 year to what they have been.

Following dinner, Randy Litchfield gave us a look at the new website and indicated that he needed content for the site. So if you have any stories of cruises, races, maintenance jobs, repairs or refits, Randy will be happy to receive a copy of them.

The drive home was a bit longer than normal though with the snowy roads. We did have a few things we would change if we do this sort of thing again but felt that we did have a good night of talking boats and meeting Alberg sailors, some with boats in South Carolina, and most with boats under tarps or a roof. We did feel as if the night were a success and that if you have a restaurant that you think we would like and that could accommodate us for another year, please let us know. Thanks to Rick Kent for this year's suggestion and organizing.