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The Commodore

A Full Season Ahead

Well, it is now well into May and if your boat is not yet wet, it will be soon, I hope. This is a quick reminder that the executives have planned several get-togethers for this season including a race in Georgian Bay. Gord Laco is organizing that one. We need more boats this year to help him along, since Wanderlove gave him a scare last year for being too quick and too close for too much of the race.

The weekends have not changed so mid June, 13-15 for the Syronelle with our friends from the Chesapeake at Mimico CC (please, let me know if you will be there so we can get the numbers close for Saturday dinner at the club); weekend of July 3,4 & 5 for a cruise in to Whitby, (please, let Bill Newman know for attendance at that weekend); and August 1, 2 and 3 at PEYC for the cruise at the east end of the Lake (please, let Cathie Coultis know for this one). In the past these have always been really good weekends with lots to do and see. The Great Lakes is still under discussion for time and place but will be late August.

We have had a very well attended race/sailing seminar this past month where 12 sailors came together in Guelph to discuss sails and sail power. Then the discussion went on from there with several e-mails after the day, so all good. The suggestion has been made to carry the idea on further to the water, so on the Saturday morning at Whitby, I will be happy to do that and we can look at the changes in sail shape with the various controls we have to do that, (I have only one deadline and that is a crew members wedding that afternoon late.) One other note, the position of race director is vacant and I would appreciate a volunteer for that position if you might be interested.

A number of you will have undertaken repair projects this winter. Make sure you check them as you launch and I hope your work has been successful. Again, the subject has come up regarding rivets in the boom end fittings, - replace them ASAP with cap screws; and seacocks have arisen again on the Alberg list. Replace any gate valves as there have been more failures of these too. This is not a very pleasant job because the plumbing originally was not well done, - with nipples rather than hose barbs and so the inside diameters of hoses that fit nipples do not fit the hose barbs. It can be rectified with some thinking but if you want all bronze parts, then it gets to be more difficult to find components and Straight - Mackay in Nova Scotia becomes a part of your life. Others experience has shown Marelon to get hard, especially in cold weather and crack when you turn handles if you are considering a change that does not involve metals.

All for now and all the best for fair winds and good sailing this season. Don