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From The Editor

Now What?
By Peter Scholz

"Man !! It’s getting harder each month to push out a newsletter. I wish I had a team of staff writers who could pump out the volume while I sits and says … Yup or Nope."

"Just last month (April), we had to skip the monthly release because I couldn’t think of enough Alberg things to say."


That is what I say to myself each time I write one of these articles. When we were doing a Quarterly Newsletter, I would fill in the voids with Alberg “you-know-what’s?” and silly sailing jokes. Now, its four clean packaged articles presented via email in a very professional manner.

My last article was about working off a spring checklist followed by a statement that I would offer a “How To” remedy article in April. Now it’s May and most boats are already in the water. No use writing about tricks to applying anti-fouling (thanks Jim Townsend), when you really need to know the best way to stop those “it’s raining” leaks without applying any effort.

I could always go to our website @ and copy previous articles from the maintenance tab. Boy, would I sound “Alberg” smart. Or, I could click on the links at the same site and see what’s happening with the Alberg 30 Project @ Ops, I did. Wow, you should see what they are doing now. How about installing opening stainless steel ports from New Found Metals @ on an AL30. The site at New Found Metals even has some “how to” video clips. Clips that show you how to measure your boats opening for new ports, etc.,. Now me, I would just ditto my order to that of the Alberg 30 project people.

Back to the writing articles article … I like to think of myself as an “off the wall” kind of guy. A kind of guy who might think of randomly emailing our GLAA tribe and ask them what they are doing these days, etc. From that I could paint a picture of words on what is going on in our Alberg minds. Maybe I should test this concept on the tab called “cockpit”??? Would you view it and answer me ??? Actually, just looking at this in text form (versus visual images floating in my mind), is starting to make sense to me. A monthly article on what is up with you guys. Geez, this is like gold. I may be on to something.

Watch and see what I actually text about next month .... The Amazing Picton Pete sails again in cyberspace !!!