Canada Day Weekend in Whitby … July 3, 4 & 5 - 2009

Canada day weekend

Ain’t this the life?? I think Jim Watters (Lindis Farne), has a bit of a thirst today.

Sitting Left to Right: Bill Newman (Marion Rose III), Elyse Pastor & Bruno Frank (Lady Heron), Jim Watters (Lindis Farne), Don & Phoebe Campbell (White Opal).

This was a great three day event organized by Bill Newman. Saturday evening had us tasting some great food from a new Whitby Yacht Club caterer. The club and club caterers did a really great job.

Per event attendance, there were seven Alberg 30’s; one Alberg 37; and seven drive-ins.

The Alberg 30’s were ….White Opal (Don & Phoebe), Marion Rose III (Bill & Dolores), Viva II (Janski), Lady Heron (Bruno & Elyse), Lindis Farne (Jim Watters), Peter & Vicki Kennan with Janet McNally crewing (Silver Birch), Excalibur (Denis).

The Alberg 37 boat, which is a new Whitby resident called “Gonzo”. I didn’t get the new skippers name, but he just purchased her.

The drive-ins were …. Myself (Now oar Never), Gord Martin (Maggy Fields IV), Phil Birkenheier (Gemini), John Birch & June Hodgins (Sunstone), Ken Stephenson (Rubber Ducky). And then, later on, we had a surprise long haired guest. The current skipper of Candy Cane.

Now, I only attended the Saturday as a drive-in from Picton. When I located my fellow Alberg friends I saw Don Campbell on White Opal with his sails up, arms a flinging and Janet McNally (Gemini AL22), ducking and trying to stay out of harms way. You see, Don was giving a very informative demo on Sail Trim, illustrating sail shape and its effect. The rest of the gang were around the finger dock hanging onto Don’s every word. Well, I guess the following photos will show what I mean.

Canada day weekend
Don is discussing the key elements to Sail Trim to fellow Alberg skippers. Everyone pays attention. Canada day weekend

Canada day weekend Enjoying a
little break
from the
sun is Don,
Phil and Bill

Canada day weekend
Marion Rose III and Lady Heron sitting pretty while the winds blowing around were about 25-30 knots