The “Fun Side” of this year’s Syronelle

(June 12, 13 and 14th 2009)

Racing on ANSWER V with Alberg sailors Rick Kent, Jim Davis and Harry Gamber

Bev Dales, Phil Birrkenheier, Ralph Brown, June Hodgeson, Peter & Moya Ashby, Harry Gamber and Ken & Shannon Stephenson tucked behind. And notice what is front & center …. the trophy herself !!

"I could of had a V8" - And this table would agree. Say Hello to Mike & Pat & Family, Ray and Sandy Meyer, Barry & Katherine Conroy and their family.

ABOVE: Bev Dales with Sandy & Jim Davis

RIGHT: Syronelle Trophy Winners. Team of Don Campbell (White Opal) and Phil Berkenheier (Gemini).

Looks like two happy sailors wanting to make a
wish, eh?

Next photo (below), illustrates a Syronelle tradition. Joan Kitchener offers Harry Gamber a tasty treat before dinner. “What is it you say ?” It’s dry, gourmet cat food. “Would you like some more Harry ?”

Joan & John Kitchener (JAZZ), with their dog Chow and Harry Gamber appreciating the offer.

Awards: Don Campbell with Hans Jorgensen, Harry Gamber, Jim Davis and Rick Kent . ANSWER V was the loaner boat to this U.S. team.

Awards: Sandy Meyer, Mike Meinhold, Janski (loaner boat VIVA II), and Ray & Rachel Meyers.

Not only did sailors show up to participate in these races but, like all our events, Cruisers are encouraged to attend as well.

Here are John Flanders and his first mate Lesley Flowerdew beside their boat SAM. Who is that fellow trying to get in this photo??

Why it’s the author of “The cat that didn’t float”