Where do all those GLAA photos come from?

Well, ever since I started doing the GLAA Newsletter, I have counted on two Alberg ladies to supply almost all of our people images to me. I have taken just a few. Why? My camera is currently broken, and being your average sailor, I’m too cheap to buy a new one.

Getting back to the point of this article … We are very fortunate to have these “behind the scene” camera girls on our team. As you have seen, the images have been great. And, these ladies make every effort to get these images to me on time.

The next time you see one of these ladies, I want you to give them a hug and say “thanks”. Thanks for making me look decent. Thanks for capturing my good side. Thanks for not showing that I did “_____”, etc, etc, etc,.

Phoebe Campbell Are you ready to meet them ???

No 1 Photographer

All the photos seen in this month’s newsletter were produced by her. And I would have to say that she is our primary GLAA photo taker for this association.

An outstanding contribution Phoebe !!!

These photos provided by Janet McNally
Phoebe Campbell
No 2 Photographer

Janet has produced a majority of our images for our previous Picton events and has filled the image void on several events when needed. The above college of images is one example of her work.

Always there to help out. Thank You !

These photos provided by Phoebe Campbell

NOTE: Funny how those who do somehow always pay the “pretty” price ?????