Some Alberg Stuff.....

1) 2010 AGM Meeting... Plan on attending this year's AGM meeting on Jan. 9th at the Keating Channel Pub & Grill. We will be ordering from the menu as we did last year and I (Janet McNally), will be meeting with the manager to discuss logistics before the next executive meeting. Details of the program will follow.

RSVP:     (only to help me estimate the number of people who will be attending)

2) Space Available... You know you have it in you. Take the next step and send your stories to me, Peter Scholz at Got photos to share (?) Send them too.

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We (Alberg sailors), are an association of dedicated members who are passionate about our boats and lifestyle. So, to make us stronger, share your passion - in a story. Thank you in advance.

3) Alberg 22 Update... I was talking to a retired Alberg 22 sailor who has owned two Alberg 22's in his sailing life. John Sorensen. John, who is 82 and is still fighting cancer, told me that he still has contact with the person who now owns his last Alberg 22, 'Little Mermaid".

Apparently, "Little Mermaid" now lives in California and sails along the Pacific Coast. The owner says she was made for this environment and he is having a ball slicing her through the waters. Ahhh ....

4) Boats still in the water... today (Oct 27th), I'm in Ottawa. All the boats in the area are out of the water. That is except for the New Edinburgh Sailing & Rowing Club. There, there are three boats moored and float in full gear, ready to sail at moments notice. Unfortunately, they are a Tanzer 26; Tanzer 22; and a C&C 27. (ps ... my boat comes out this Saturday Oct. 31st).

5) Next Issue... the next GLAA newsletter will be showcasing the outcome of our Picton Rendezvous; the Great Lakes Championship; and the Rankin Race series in Annapolis, Maryland.

See You next issue ... Pete S.