The Launch

By Janski

You will recall life at PMYC went into winter mode with John Wobblypop and roustabouts doing work inside the hulls installing engine, electricals, hydraulics, storage tanks, etc. Spring is here with denizens of PMYC busy splashing their respective crafts preparing for the coming summer boating/sailing season.

John and crew are busily putting finishing touches to "The Cat" preparing for initial launch. Once launched detail work such as spar installation, winches, windlass, galley, lights, etc. will be completed.

Maya Perlus, John's significant other is bending over the picnic table that adjoins "The Cat" under construction beside the canvas pavilion. She is preparing vegetables, intended additions to the slow-cooker meal under preparation for tonight's supper. She notices movement at the periphery of her vision. She looks up in time to see Dandy, another boat owner's golden lab putting his muzzle into the open slow-cooker. Maya sees Dandy lift his head holding in his jaws a raw five pound cross-rib roast. Before she can do anything, Dandy drops his front paws from the tabletop and takes off trotting to the main wharf

on his way no doubt to the air conditioned comfort of his master's Trojan.

Maya straightens and takes off in hot pursuit intending to rescue her intended dinner. Attired in the skimpy string bikini and shod with designer flip-flops she is not really dressed for competitive foot racing. By the time she achieves full stride she is oblivious to the sensation that signals that her more than ample breasts have escaped the tiny bikini top she was almost wearing. Imagine the effect caused by seeing this apparition of Rubenesque womanhood pounding down the main dock of our marina, impressive mammeries at full sail in hot pursuit of Dandy who nonchalantly is trotting off to enjoy his ill gotten gains.

We can forgive Allan Jacks the dunking he experiences. He was leaning over applying Cetol to the teak foot rail on his Sparkman-Stevens Classic 37. As Maya went through his field of vision he forced his centre of gravity beyond stable limits attempting to keep Maya in sight.

By the time Maya caught up with Dandy she saw his tail disappearing through the pet flap installed in the Trojan's companionway. By this time modesty prevailed and Dandy's owner was saved the challenge of

having to deal with flustered mammeries. Maya turned making her way back to the slow-cooker while tucking the errant flesh back into their scanty restraints.

She ducked into the houseboat she shared with John, donned a pair of shorts and cover-up intending to visit the local supermarket for a replacement cross-rib pot roast.

While Maya is at the supermarket John and his hired help, Smokey and Lard-ass, are busy assisting the operator of a rented crane service in the launching of "The Cat" at the PMYC mast stepping dock. As the newly constructed vessel is lowered into the water it settles deeper and deeper into the water until both decks are just awash. John frowns at what he is witnessing, steps aboard "The Cat", and walks around the starboard deck, obviously getting his deck shoes soaking wet.

John regains the dock, walks to where the crane operator is leaning out of his cab.

"If you release my lifting cable I'll be on my way", the crane operator suggests.

John's response; "Are you kidding! When I complete rigging my sail the extra weight of the sail and spars will send the boat down to Davie Jones' locker. Best you lift it out of the water and let's put it back on the jack stands. This does not look like it can be rectified by a quick-fix".

Smokey and Lard-ass assist the crane operator to reposition "The Cat" back in the construction area.

When Maya returns from her run to the super market she finds a despondent partner sitting at the picnic table beside the slow-cooker pouring a very stiff drink into a glass tumbler filled with ice cubes.

"Isn't it a little early to start serious drinking? It's not lunch yet."

"Maya!" answered John. "This drink is purely for medicinal reasons. I'm attempting to keep my shattered nerves from becoming a terminal malady".

John then explained what occurred when attempt was made to launch "The Cat".

Maya's response was, "What are you going to do?"

"First I'm going to let this drink get cold. Then after I finish it I'm going to pour another."

As John spoke he beckoned to his two helpers explaining to them that they should calm down. He did not blame them for this set back. He asked them to clean up the work space, put away any tools, and for them to take the rest of the day off with full pay.

Maya told the roust-abouts that dinner would be served as usual at 20:00 hours. If they decided not to come just to call her on her cell.

Meanwhile John after he poured his second drink got out his cell phone and called Mike Mover. After bringing Mike up to date, he invited him to come to dinner at 20:00 hours. He further suggested that he would attempt to get Charon to also attend.

"Perhaps there might be some merit to attempt to brain-storm his way out of this problem. What problem? Why the problem that The Cat Didn't Float !"

Mike Mover reminded John that last year when they were first looking at John's plans for "The Cat", Charon mentioned something about displacement being wrong. Maybe John should consider changing the displacement????? be continued