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Commodore's Comments

Well the first real storm of the winter season is upon us and so we now have time to consider those things we would like for next year.

Did you make a list of things that need fixing or repairs as you put the boat away? If not, now is the time! There are ways to improve your boat at very reasonable or no cost as the latest issue of DIY Boat Owner suggests from upgrading your VHF and GPS with the DSC capability to getting the bottom paint smooth by sanding lightly, and washing the bimini.

Then there are the usual culprits for Alberg 30s of gate valves, rivets in the boom on both endplates and ¼” chainplate bolts. These need to be upgraded before they cause you real grief with a failure. Wiring is another chronic problem and now some of us are having problems with the gear shift mechanism because of cable or transmission band adjustment.

If fixing is not your choice and you still want to upgrade the boat, there are several well-outfitted boats for sale at the moment. If you know of someone wanting an Alberg, have them contact me and I can pass on some information to them. The Alberg 22 in Waupoos is just one example of a very reasonable opportunity. le Papillion is another.

Another suggestion for upgrading equipment is to consider yourself the upgrade and take some courses on navigation, weather, repairs and maintenance or radio work. They all make you a better-equipped boater and add enjoyment to your boating experience. Both the Canadian Power and Sail Squadron and the Canadian Yachting Association offer courses on these subjects and more. If you would rather do the work on your own, then consider getting some books for yourself and enjoy the reading in the next 3 months. If you use computers, then there are CD libraries available. Like repair procedure CDs that you can place on your laptop beside you as you work through the process, step by step.

Using the electronic tools we have today make quite a difference in our boating lives. And if you need a part(s), I would suggest you subscribe to the Alberg 30 public list from the Chesapeake group and just ask them for it. You will be surprised at the results.

Winter is a time to take advantage of the time available to look for bargains, scrounge for replacement parts or even new things at good prices. The upcoming 2010 Toronto Boat Show is worth a look. But take the time and look in all their nooks and crannies. Go Saturday January 9th and then meet us at Keating’s Pub & Grill for our annual AGM meeting at 6:00pm.

Enjoy your winter and Happy Holidays to you All.

Don Campbell