How do those GLAA folks go about participating in a Alberg 30 event?

Well, GLAA puts the word out to all Alberg skippers and crew.
(Via our GLAA website @ and/or our GLAA Newsletter)

Then, a few get into their respective boats, point to the event and enjoy.

Some get right into it. Hats, sunscreen and white tees or dress shirts.

Others are a little more relaxed. But one thing they all share in is FUN!

Once they are out there, man (or woman), there is no life like it. Imagine.

Afterward its tie-up, put the gear away and then go ashore and mingle.

For those lucky ones I mean those awesome sailors, a trophy or two.

Oh yeah, and did I mention, when one talks sailing, one gets thirsty?

We (GLAA), would be extremely honoured to have you join us in one of our annual GLAA events. As you can see, there is nothing more beautiful then seeing lots and lots of Alberg sailboats/folks together. Imagine.

Photos courtesy of Janet McNally