Some Alberg Stuff.....December 2009

1) 2010 AGM Meeting... Plan on attending this years AGM meeting on Jan. 9th (6:00pm), at the Keating Channel Pub & Grill. This is the perfect time to meet fellow Alberg sailors and talk “boats” and about the 2010 GLAA. We will be ordering from the menu, (view web link). Please RSVP Janet at to help me estimate the number of people attending. See you there. I’m counting on it.

For menu & direction details (etc), please click on

2) 2010 Toronto Boat Show... Runs from January 9th till January 17th. This show is a great way to look for those bargains and the unusual gift that make great birthday surprises.

It also allows you to see the current technologies applied to boat building and why the classics (i.e. Alberg 30), still remain the better choice in boat buying. Can you imagine a boat show of classic boats updated with the latest technology upgrades applied to them? Makes my mouth water. Hey, why not come to the AGM after the show on January the 9th?

For directions, exhibitors list and general information on this year’s Toronto Boat Show, click on …

3) Major Apologies to our Janski... We royally screwed up the chapter sequences of Janski’s current nautical story …”The Cat that didn’t Float”. I, Peter (the guy who screwed up) Scholz, am still trying to figure out how to right the ship. Stay tuned.