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"Out with the Old..."
Commodore’s Comment:

As I write this month’s comment, it brings with it the end of a 10 year stint as Commodore. In that time, we have seen a fair amount of changes in the GLAA and undoubtedly will see a few more. We have gone from hand typed newsletters that took a week to get from sender to member … to … web centered technology that is available around the world in seconds as one example of change.

First, I would like to say thanks to all of those members who have been on the executive team over the years and/or supported the association with extra effort so that we could have Alberg programs to sail to or race within. It has been a real pleasure to work alongside and to know them like I have.

There are still unique benefits within the GLAA. I know of no other sailing class who do what we do. The Alberg owners in the Chesapeake and I certainly hope our annual reciprocal event continues. It is a wonderful opportunity to meet people that you could never meet any other way and to sail in Annapolis, one of the historic sailing sites on the continent. With the Naval Academy in town, it is a drinking town with a sailing problem! If you want to take advantage of going south for a weekend to sail (of course sail, because there are just a few shops in town and only four social events that weekend), let your race official know.

While I am looking forward to a year or two without too much executive responsibility, I do hope that you will continue to support your GLAA and the new executive team by participating in some of their programs. If you cannot sail in to an event, drive for the friendship and get there for the dinner that is always a feature at these Alberg events. As well, by continuing your membership support, you help maintain value in our Alberg hulls. This is an association of boat owners who know something about weak spots and repairs, who have a strong social component to sailing, and who continue to be more like a family then just “boat owners”. This is certainly true when you consider how much is available from the entire fleet of Alberg owners and the distance covered by the two main Associations.

While we have had some really wonderful sailors who have sailed and promoted Albergs as the best boat available for the day, we still have one of the safest hulls ever designed as measured by the Canadian designer, Brewer, regardless of which model we own. Then there are the Alberg ‘wannabe’s’ who say I really would like a boat with lines like those. All they need to do is buy one. The lines are still there and the boat still looks and sails like a boat should.

There remain a good many reasons to have an association. It means we can have races and cruises and know someone when we get to a destination. We can and do meet old friends and friends of old, too. I had the great good fortune of meeting my first year English prof. again at Picton last year after not seeing him for 40 years. He is just older than I am at this stage, (he was a lot older than I, 40 years ago) and he is sailing a much older woody than White Opal ever thought to be.
We also met a friend from Burgessville on that trip. He was coming back from Florida and neither of us knew we were between Coburg and Whitby. We recognized the paint job on Unleaded, a 32 foot home-built catamaran and met in the middle of the lake- we, becalmed and having to motor, and he still able to ghost with the light weight and tall rig. Sailing people are quite a fraternity and we are all part of it.

As a parting request, I encourage you all to try and help us increase our membership within the GLAA for whatever reasons you think are important. I know that you have them because you are members, and therefore must have some reasons for joining. We cannot sustain the association without members and in this era of such busy lives, sometimes this small sort of activity is not our highest priority. It will be the second best way to help the executive, after the first, and that is participating in events. I will be on the lookout for Albergs as we (Phoebe & I), continue to sail our White Opal.

I wish every success for the new GLAA Commodore, Cathie Coultis and the new executive team. Cathie comes in with a great background of racing and cruising and along with the new executive team, are excited about continuing our tradition.

Don Campbell