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1) Commodore Cathie Coultis would like to invite all of you to join her in helping kick off 2010 in the fine traditional Alberg spirit, by coming out to this years;

GLAA Annual Spring Potluck Dinner (held this Saturday April 10th at 6:30 pm)

Ann and Sam Malcolmson once again, will generously open up their home in mid-town Toronto to host this Annual Alberg Get Together. If you are not familiar with where the
Malcolmson's live, please contact Ann at

Also, a contribution of something like ~ hors d'oevres, main course type dish, salad or dessert ~ would be greatly appreciated.

2) The Syronelle Race is only 2 ½ months away. Have you given this GLAA vs. Chesapeake sailing event any serious thought yet. If you have a love for everything “Alberg”, you owe it to yourself to be a part of this great event, in any aspect. Give Phil Birkenheier a shout and ask how you can be involved. You know you want to. (Note: event location still under review)

3) Our GLAA Newsletter, as Cathie mentioned in her Commodore’s Corner article, will be moving to a bi-monthly format. Next issue is May 2010, followed by July 2010 and so on.

4) It’s time to expose our beauties again, (boat silly). This will be followed by excessive boat crawling. A time when the skipper needs to see … what’s what? Are you ready for that? May I suggest some stretch training? Really try and loosen up those unused muscles before you venture out. Unfortunately, as we get older, it’s those things that we don’t want to, get stiff. Four more - three more - two more …

5) On a more serious note, the next couple of months are for us to enjoy. Truly enjoy. Try not to let the annual boat prep & launch stress you out. Embrace it.

Take each task positively. Create a checklist on things that need to be done prior to launch; what can be done in the water; and what can wait till the off-season.

And don’t forget to beam with pride. You own your very own Alberg sailboat. And man, she’s a real beauty. When was the last time you hugged her?

6) Pretty soon the local marinas and yacht clubs will be holding their annual boat stuff yard sale. This is a great time to pick up those bargains of stuff that you did or did not need.

With things being financially tight, it would be great to let all our membership know when and where these yard sales will take place. I ask all of you to email me when you become aware of such events at and we’ll do a event membership mailing to all.

7) As item #4 stated, we are all getting older. Maybe now is the time to start looking for people to help you crew. Crew members become friends. Crew members sometimes fall in love with the skippers’ boat and become potentially purchasers. And, on those special occasions, when a skipper asks a younger soul to help crew, the sailing world gains another lifetime sailing member. Go ahead. You’ll get out more. I guarantee it.

8) Next issue will feature; part 2 of tech talk by Don Campbell; Gord Martin’s AL37 trip; March Maintenance seminar; and a tribute to a couple of great Alberg skippers that were lost.

9) Wait for it. Yes, I can smell another Sailing Season just around the corner. Can you feel it?

10) Could you help us out? We are always looking for newsletter articles. The best ones come to us from our GLAA membership, in layman’s’ terms. Tips and tricks, a journal snapshot, humour, you name it. We are a boating family that loves to read a good story.

“think about it - write it down - submit it “