Racing and Cruising

Our members enjoy GLAA sponsored racing and cruising events during the sailing season. While our Racing Programme is primarily One-Design competitions for the Alberg 30, each of these gatherings are promoted as Cruise-in & Race weekends. A great way for Albergs of all sizes to get together. Follow the links below to the new dedicated GLAA Racing and Cruising pages:



Awards and Trophies

The GLAA has a rich tradition of awards and trophies for meritorious sailing achievement in racing and cruising. They are being listed below as information on their history is compiled.

The Gordon M Proctor Trophy is presented to the Alberg vessel that has completed a challenging cruise of interest and for which the skipper of the vessel has displayed competent and meritorious seamanship. Details and Past Recipients>>

The Syronelle Trophy is awarded to the winning two boat team of the Syronelle International Challenge Regatta for Alberg 30s that is held annually on Lake Ontario for teams from the Great Lakes and Chesapeake Bay each year in June. A return match, the Rankin Regatta, is held later in the year on the Chesapeake. Past Recipients>>

The Great Lakes Championship Trophy is awarded to the winner of the Great Lakes Championship race for Alberg 30s held on Lake Ontario each September. Past Recipients>>

The Alberg 30 Triangle Trophy is awardedd to the winner of the Triangle race that is held in conjunction with the Eastern Lake Ontario Rendezvous that is held around the 1st of August each year.

The Whitby Boat Works Trophy is an accumulative points trophy awarded to the boat with best overall performance in the above three Lake Ontario races.

B.A. Robinson Trophy is awarded to the first Alberg 30 to finish the Freeman Cup race (last awarded to John Ball  with Swamba in 1980).

The Carl Alberg Award is awarded for meritorious service to the Great Lakes Alberg Association for either lifelong service or one unique conribution.

The Die Hard Trophy is awarded to a GLAA member for outstanding accomplishment with his Alberg.

Community and Preservation

A Newsletter is published three to four times annually by the Great Lakes Alberg Association, providing our membership with a sense of community and connection. GLAA Members also benefit from having access to a good technical knowledge base, especially important as the boats in our fleet continue to age as gracefully as possible. MORE>>

The GLAA also enjoys a strong affiliation with the Chesapeake Alberg 30 One Design Association. The Syronelle Trophy race is held annually on Lake Ontario with teams from the GLAA competing with teams from the Chesapeake A30 Association. The Chesapeake group reciprocates later in the season as GLAA crews travel to Maryland to compete in the Rankin Regatta. For more information on becoming a member of the Great Lakes Alberg Association, please visit the Membership area of this web site. MORE>>

Racing on Lake Ontario